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Lost Vape Ultra Boost (UB LITE) Replacement Coils - 5 Pack

Lost Vape



UB Lite (Ultra Boost) Coils by Lost Vape are replacement coils for the Ursa Mini Replacement Pod that comes with the Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit.

Enjoy great vapour flavour and decent vape cloud production from the meshed UB Lite Coils with every vape juice you use! These coils are designed to run on lower wattage and still make your vape flavoursome!


  • UB LITE L1 COIL 0.4Ohm 20 - 30W
  • UB LITE L3 COIL 0.8Ohm 12 - 17W
  • UB LITE L5 COIL 1.4Ohm 8 - 10W
  • UB LITE L6 COIL 1.0Ohm 10 - 15W


  • 5 x Lost Vape UB Lite Coils
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